NEON Transparent Watercolours

FINETEC Premium - 6 Neon Transparent Watercolours

Art.-No. FN9000

FINETEC Premium - NEON Yellow

Art.-No. FN901

FINETEC Premium - NEON Orange

Art.-No. FN902

FINETEC Premium - NEON Magenta

Art.-No. FN904

FINETEC Premium - NEON Purple

Art.-No. FN905

FINETEC Premium - NEON Blue

Art.-No. FN906

FINETEC Premium - NEON Green

Art.-No. FN907


The newly developed colour formula of our Premium NEON colours is based on purified gum arabic and the finest fluorescent pigments. Each colour cake gets its characteristic and individual wavy surface through our special manufacturing process.

The new FINETEC Premium watercolours were developed with artists and calligraphers. They are suitable for use with brushes and also with nibs. There are no limits to your creativity. The colours can be mixed with each other as well as with other media and adhere to different absorbent surfaces. Create exclusive accents in your art with our latest generation of the FINETEC Premium NEON colours.