Pearlescent colours with a new formulation

FINETEC - 22 Pearlescent + 2 Flip-Flop Colours in a box with a metal lid

Art.-No. F2400S

FINETEC - 5 Pearlescent + 1 Flip-Flop Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F0602S

FINETEC - 5 Pearlescent + 1 Flip-Flop Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F0603S

FINETEC - 6 Pearlescent Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F0600S

FINETEC - 6 Pearlescent Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F0601S

FINETEC - 12 Pearlescent Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F1200S

FINETEC - 6 Iridescent Colours in a metal box

Art.-No. F5600S

Our pearlescent colours are water-soluble artist colours of a very high quality – Made in Germany. These colours are manufactured by us with carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality and a very large amount of manual work to guarantee highest quality standards.

The newly developed formulation of this paint is based on a special purified all-natural gum arabic and on modern pearlescent and iridescent pigments. The used raw materials are considered non-toxic and the formulations conform to ASTM D-4236. Because of the special manufacturing process, the colour cakes get their characteristic and individual wavy surface.

Based on their good lightfastness and high pigmentation these colours are suitable for calligraphy, painting, graphic art and many more.

There are no limitations imposed on your imagination and creativity. The colours can be mixed with each other as well as with other paint media. The colours adhere to various kinds of absorbent surfaces – even to wood and stone.

We offer two different types of paints:

Opaque pearlescent colours
These pearlescent colours show their intense brilliance and their unique luster on all surfaces.

Iridescent colours

The iridescent colours appear nearly transparent on a light background and they shimmer magically or fairy-like depending on the point of view and incidence of light. On a dark surface they show their exceeding colourfulness. It is a real eye-catcher.

The new formulation was developed with artists and with calligraphers. During the development it was paid special attention to a good dissolving. Beside the use of brush and nip the new formulated paint is also suitable for using a glass pen. Create exclusive accents in your art with our newest generation of the FINETEC pearlescent colours.